Antonio Dell'elce
 Phone +39-872-58430 (home)
+39-347-676 1377(celphone.)
Personal Data:        Born in Lanciano,CH, Italy, June 25, 1973. Currently living in Rome, v. Luigi  Lucatelli, 37.
Languages:              English (TOEFL 570), Italian.
Current position:     Consultant for Sistemi ad Automazione srl, Rome, Italy.
Education:               Graduated as Analista Informatico (Informatics Analyst degree), 1992 .
                                Electonics Engineering student at the Universita'  De L'Aquila, L'Aquila,  Italy.

Work Experience

Apr. 98 - Now, Motorola SSTG / Nuova Telespazio SpA

Project:         Iridium Satellite Phone Network
Tasks:           Support specialist on OMC-G (Operations and Maintenance Center - Gateway, Administrative portion of a gateway to the Iridium network)
                     including Unix system administration and Sybase administration.
Environment: Sun Solaris 2.5.1, HP OpenView for Solaris.

Nov. 97 - Mar. 98, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni SpA, Rome, Italy

Project: IPSwitching System
Objectives: Maintaining in a large virtual  private IP network based on a public X25 network structure. Main "IPSwitching"
Tasks:        Ericsson PFA-Routers Dynamic Configuration, Router Configuration Problem Report, PFA Routers Troubleshooting, Centralized Maintainance.
Administration: via a generic Web browser. Environments: Sybase SQL Server 11.0.2, HP 9000 Class K HP-UX Servers,  HP-UX C Softbench, Netscape Enterprise Server 2.01 for HP-UX.

Apr. 97 - Oct. 97, Selfin SpA, Rome, Italy
Project: "SDA" (Sicurezza Delle Applicazioni, Application Security).
Objectives: A Distributed service based on IBM AIX RS/6000 Servers, which permits user-to-application authentication, tunable user access to parts of
an application, tunable user activity log.
Administration via Delphi based Win16 GUI Program.
Environments: AIX 4.1.5, IBM RS/6000, Oracle 7 for AIX, IBM ANSI C Compiler,  Delphi I (Win16), MS Visual C++ V1.52 (Win16).
Nov. 96 - Feb. 97, Selfin SpA, Rome, Italy
Project: "", (Internet site of "la Repubblica", main italian newspaper).
Activity: Mainly support on CGI Development. Other activity was: Porting and modifying a BSD rdist server program to Solaris 2.5.1
Nov. 95 - Oct. 96, Alpha Abruzzo Srl, Pescara, Italy 
Activity:             Linux System Manager, Webmaster and CGI/C Development, planning for the company Internet presence.
Environments:    Linux 2.0 i386, Apache Web Server, GNU C Compiler.
OSes:                 UNIX (Solaris, Linux, Aix, HP-UX, Digital Unix 4.0d), OpenVMS, Win95/WinNT Languages: C, C++, Java, Pascal, Basic.
Environments:  GNU C/C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, MS Visual C++.

Certified Specialist - AIX 4.1 System Administrator.